I'm a self-taught software developer cum designer.

I know

Rails, iOS, Swift, JS, Android, Express, Python, Linux,

I wanna know

React, TDD/BDD (rspec, mocha), Reactive programming (RxSwift, RxJS) ,Go, Docker, Ansible, Elixir,advanced software design patterns, data mining (pandas), neutron GUI framework

I wish I knew

functional programming (haskell, lisp), Vim, Machine learning & A.I stuff,

I Do

Web apps and API's

I've made web applications using Rails, Sinatra, Express.js, MEAN stack, Flask.

I've comprehensive experience in building RESTful API's in MEAN stack and Flask.

I've worked with MongoDB, RealmDB, MariaDB, Redis & Postgres.

Mobile applications

Native mobile application for iOS & Android as well as hybrid applications using ionic framework.

I've worked with several popular libraries like Alamofire, SwiftyJSON, Volley etc.

Web designing

I'm very fluent with sketchapp for making high fidelity mokups.

I've used bootstrap, foundation in several projects.

I have an eye for clean and minimal UI design.

I have a thing for typography.


All the projects are live and fully functional.(as of 25th Oct, 2016 )

A minimalistic bookmarking application.

rails js postgres

A photo sharing website for aviation for enthusiasts.

rails js postgres

An online blood bank project.

spa express.js angular.js mongodb RESTful API token auth

Bloi remote

A Chrome browser extension for saving bookmarks on

js google chrome api

Search images on Flickr, Instagram & Imagur in one go.

express.js lodash angular.js 3rd party API

Obbp iPhone app

A native iPhone application for obbp project.

swift 2.2 iOS 9.3 API auto layout

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